Monday, November 12, 2012


What gorgeus paints and shades from Icelandic Kalklitir. I fell in love in their lime paints as soon as I saw these pictures and I'm thinking seriosly painting one of our bedroom walls with this paint, just need to decide the shade!

Kalklitir is founded by Audur Skuladottir with her husband Hjortur. Audur has studied decorative painting in Denmark and learnt how to produce various methods of paints, such as lime paint and egg tempera. She runs now their the family business Kalklitir that produces her own line of lime paint in beautiful shades of gray, brown and neutral. Lime paint is a mineral based environmental-friendly paint, free of artificial resins, solvents and biocides and it is so easy to use. Just mix it with water and you are set to go.

I'll be receiving soon some color samples from Kalklitir and will share them here, these paints will be available later also in the shop. If you want any more information, just ask!

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