Friday, October 30, 2009

Tonfisk Design - KIIKKU living room garden

KIIKKU from Tonfisk Design allows you to bring a bit of summer to your living room all year round. It consists of a walnut wood ladder from which hang four easily removable flower pots. You can leave the ladder to rest against a wall to create a stepped garden. KIIKKU can be used indoors in your living room or also outdoors. The ladder is treated with oil and with time further oil can be applied. The pots are made of vitreous porcelain.

Buy your living room garden online from Artic Design.
Available in white or black.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Iittala induction cookware

Tools cookware is created for entertaining people with an extra large appetite for life. The generously large sizes cover every cooking need, demonstrating that a good meal doubles in size when shared. Highly designed cookware that is developed in collaboration with world-class chefs and materials specialists. Tools offer a broad range of objects to add ease and control to all areas of cooking and serving. Perfect for even the most demanding occasion.
Design by: Björn Dahlström, 1998
Buy from here

Iittala All Steel products, designed by Harri Koskinen, were originally designed for commercial kitchens and professional use. Now these stainless steel products have become a reliable and appreciated tool in domestic kitchens also.
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Neo brings distinctive and ergonomic design to cooking and in just three sizes. Neo’s unique pieces, as generous in functionality as in attention to detail, are true examples of Iittala’s lasting mindmade design. Essential objects that will inspire your everyday cooking forever.
Design by: Claesson Koivisto Rune, 2007
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The Benefits of Induction Cooking

1) Energy and Cost Efficient. Induction cooking is the most sustainable form of cooking. Notably more efficient than its competitors, gas and electric, induction cooking will help you help the planet. And, by using less energy, your monthly cooking costs will markedly decrease.The heat from induction cooking is provided by a magnetic reaction. A magnetic field transfers the electric energy to the object to be heated. There is a direct transfer of energy, which, in turn, results in greater efficiency. No heat is created by the induction element, instead, it is induced in the object/cooking utensil.

2) Safety. Besides energy efficiency, there is the added bonus of safety. No open flame means less cooking hazards for you and your family.

3) Stay Cool. And since no extra heat is being introduced into the environment, your kitchen will not get miserably hot as you cook. On a hot summer day, you will certainly appreciate this kind of efficiency.

Iittala Cookware is an good gift idea for example for christmas for you favourite cook!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finnish Design Home Decor from Aarikka

Aarikka Oy is a family business founded in 1954 and today Aarikka is a globally recognised brand and an inseparable part of the history of Finnish industrial design. The company designs and manufactures design products, jewellery and decorative items. Each product is a unique item handmade in Finland using Finnish materials. In addition to Europe, Aarikka´s key sales regions include the United States and Japan.

Now you can find these beautiful objects for home decoration from Aarikka from Artic Design. Great christmas gift idea for a decorator.
Keisarinna gray candleholder

Lehtipuu paper rack

Pisara candleholder

Kuutamo table lamp design by Eero Sairanen

Friday, October 23, 2009

Free Gift Wrap for presents

You will receive free beautiful gift wrap when you are ordering gifts from Artic Design.
Just choose the perfect gift and we will think about the rest from wrapping to shipping. More information here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finnish Design Jewelry by Marja Suna

Talented artist Marja Suna is perhaps best known as designer of the well-known Marimekko clothes. During her long career Marja Suna has proved to be a skillful user of several materials who besides clothing design has also delved into paper and glass. Ten years ago metal began to interest her as an earlier unknown material. Since 1998 Suna has been designing impressive silver, gold and bronze jewellery for Kalevala Jewelry.

Marja Suna who was awarded the State Prize of Art and Design in 1979 and was selected as the Fashion Designer of the Year in 1998 says that there must be a message or a thought behind all creative work. As fashion artist Suna sees jewellery as an important part of clothing. She thinks about its usability and elegance and its suitability for daily use and for festive occasions. She defines her jewellery designs as classically modern as they represent their own epoch while a part already is on the look-out for new styles.

The reflection of light on surfaces is an important element in her jewellery and the inspiration for her design she gets from the nature. The artist experienses the appearance of the jewellery surface very important aswell as what it tells to its carrier. Marja Suna has designed a.o. the tremendously popular Snow flower jewellery (photo above) line.

You can buy online Snow Flower and other jewelry designed by Marja Suna from Artic Design.

All information from Kalevala Koru.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Iittala Table settings

Hereunder few examples how to set up your table with Iittala Products.

Black-white-red table setting, an idea for christmas.
Tableware: Arabia nero, Arabia KoKo, Arabia Oma, Iittala Festivo

Black and white dinnerware.
Tableware: Arabia Paratiisi, Iittala Teema, Iittala Artik

Black and green tableware.
Tableware: Iittala Teema

All the items in the photos are available at Artic Design, scandinavian design shop online.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New home textiles from Finnish Finlayson and Lapuan Kankurit

With Finlayson bedspreads and decorative pillows you can create different bedroom styles from modern to classical. Check out our range of different bedspreads, which are complemented by matching decorative pillows from here
And soft wool blankets from Finlayson and Lapuan Kankurit will give warm welcome for the cold evening, see more from Artic Design

Friday, October 16, 2009

The City of Helsinki wants to become World Design Capital 2012

Article from Helsingin Sanomat written by Markku Karumo 19.8.2009:

The City of Helsinki did not fail to make an impression on the two representatives of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) who paid a visit to the Finnish capital last week in order to discuss the city’s prospects for becoming World Design Capital (WDC) in 2012. ”Especially Helsinki’s district of Arabianranta made an impact on us”, says Professor Peter Zec, the father of the worldwide design capital idea.

Zec evaluated the content of Helsinki’s application for two days together with Dilki de Silva, the Secretary-General of the ICSID. ”What is important is the content of the entire application package, not individual questions”, de Silva explained. The two visitors have also talked with Helsinki residents, trying to define how committed the various parties involved really are. Helsinki is not applying for the title alone. Other Finnish candidates behind the joint application are Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, and Lahti.

Helsinki’s 350-page application introduces the Finnish capital and its partners extensively. The central idea is to show how comprehensive the cities’ design is and how design has been taken into consideration in all planning. If Helsinki were to be designated for World Design Capital 2012, the choice would bring along a number of design-related events. The estimated budget for the year is EUR 15 million. Among a total of 46 applicants, the Dutch city of Eindhoven and the city of Helsinki were selected for the shortlist of entries that will move on to the next round of evaluation in the hopes of becoming World Design Capital in 2012.

Zec and de Silva visited many places in Helsinki: the contemporary art museum Kiasma, the Design Museum, Finlandia Hall, and the University of Helsinki. The strength of Arabianranta was in the combination of education, business, and living. ”Helsinki has a good reputation”, Zec remarked.”Finnish design is well-known. It has traditions, and it is present in education and research.There are also many foreign students in Helsinki”, Zec continued.Zec noted further that Eindhoven’s application was very similar to that of Helsinki. ”There, too, design is present in planning and research. Eindhoven citizens also want to have an open design-related year, in which it would be easy for local residents to take part”, Zec stated.

Zec and de Silva are to submit their report to the actual jury that is contemplating the name of the future design capital in Montreal. The jury includes design experts from Chile, France, Brazil, Britain, and South Korea. Following deliberations, the announcement of selection is to take place at the ICSID World Design Congress in Singapore on November 25th.

The purpose of the World Design Capital project is to highlight the accomplishments of cities that are genuinely leveraging design as a tool to improve the social, cultural, and economic life of cities, throughout a year-long programme of design-related events. The City of Seoul in South Korea has been designated World Design Capital for 2010.

You will find the original article from here.
More information also here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn in the table

Iittala's latest product shades are suited to the season that has begun. This fall the famous Teema collection of Iittala is dressed in gray and purple.In the Iittala´s fall collection you will find also Kartio pitcher in purple colour that you can pair perfectly with all the dishes of the Teema collection.

Arabia Finland proposes for the autumn collection of the wonderfully decorated Runo plates: Autumn and Winter Glow Star. And the Tosca plate is now available also in black colour.

Arabia Tosca plate, available also in white. Available here.
Arabia Runo collection is available here.
Teema collection in grey you will find from here.
And Kartio pitcher in purple colour is available here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finnish Design from Asko

This time I would like to present you these pictures of the beautiful furnitures that famous finnish designer Eero Aarnio has designed last year for Asko.
Asko has been a trendsetter in Finnish home furnishing for decades and celebrated its 90th anniversary in September 2008.
Throughout its history, Asko has cooperated with several Finnish and foreign designers and also employed many of them. The company has developed the Finnish home furnishing culture and in many ways supported furniture and interior decoration students and design.

The photos are property of Asko.
You will find more finnish design for your home here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perfect gift

The new gift cards of Artic Design are the perfect solution if you're not really sure what your friends/relatives would like to have as a present! This a gift that's always the right size or color. The eGift Card arrives by email within hours, there is no shipping charge to you, and the recipient can choose just what they have in mind.

The Gift card is valid for 1 year and you can also enter your own gift message during checkout. Perfect gift idea for christmas, birthdays, weddings etc. For more information click here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finnish Glass Exhibition in London

CHELSEA space in presenting an exhibition of Finnish glass design curated by the famous finnish designer Harri Koskinen. The exhibition is a part of the London Design Festival 2009 and is open 16.0 - 17.10.2009. The exhibition will focus on Iittala and presents the famous works of Alvar and Aino Aalto, Kaj Franck, Tapio Wirkkala and many others. See more information from here.

From Artic Design you can purchese online items designed by Harri Koskinen.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kivi Campaign

October's Kivi Campaign
If your order value is €100 or more, you will get a free Kivi votive. Only 1 votive/customer. More information from here.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Decoration Trends 2009

One of the trendy looks this fall is purple and grey. Purple combined with grays or neutral colours has a sophisticated, calming effect. Purple can be viewed as feminine and light in its lavender shades, or strong and masculine when mixed with brown.
You will find from Artic Design many autumn novelties that you can use to dress up your home for the fall.
Purple Iittala Lantern

Grey Runner Silmu from Finlayson

Kivi votive gift set

Ruoko bed set from Finlayson

Maribowl from Iittala

Hohde bed set from Finlayson

Purple Aalto Vase 255mm

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iittala Candleholders

The four seasons and the unique quality of the light in the North have always been important sources of inspiration for Iittala’s designers. The long, dark Northern winter, in particular, has challenged designers to incorporate light into their creations.

Light is a source of energy and also also a sign of hope. Be inspired to luminate your life with Iittala´s collection of Ambient light objects. You can choose from the flames of Lantern, Kivi and Atlas.
All available here