Sunday, November 4, 2012


Today I wanted to feature the Jield lamps I'm coming obsessed with! They are one of the coolest lamps in inductrial-chick style and I really like them.

If you want to know a bit of the history of these lamps, they were designed in the 1950's by Jean-Louis Domecq. He was a machinist who was frustrated by the lack of heavy-duty task lamps for his work and wanted something that could articulate into a range of positions without interfering with electrical wiring and that could also withstand the conditions of an industrial workshop.

In 1950, Domecq created a mechanism for the articulating joints of his lamps that actually eliminated wires. He spent a couple years drawing up plans to industrialize production, and then launched his company, Jieldé, which is just his initials, JLD, pronounced in French (from) .

If you are looking something similiar but a bit more affordable version, check out these House Doctor lamps here !

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