Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Danish Design from Nuance

Tired of carafes which can't be put in the dishwasher and ice cubes which are poured out in the first glass? Nuance has now solved these problems! The new Multi-Carafe with screw-off base represents a revolution.

The carafe, which has an attractive, classic design, can be opened both at the bottom and the top. The opening in the bottom makes it possible to fill the carafe with ice cubes, frozen fruit and other cool and exciting ingredients, which makes the full carafe a visual feast.

The opening in the top is designed so that it holds the ice cubes in place, so it keeps the carafe cold. If you remove the bottom and top seals, the carafe can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Harri Koskinen & Kristiina Lassus for Alessi

123dl designed by Harri Koskinen is a set of three glasses intended for all sorts of purposes: drinking/toasting, measuring/cooking, stacking/storing. This a set that could satisfy numerous needs throughout the day: snack, enjoying an espresso or a cappuccino or a cup of tea. Maybe also for an aperitif, using the small glass as a peanut bowl. The three glasses can be used also as measuring cups.

Fat tray designed also by Harri Koskinen is a box container with a lid that acts as a tray. Koskinen says he named this bamboo box a "fat tray" because everything you need to serve coffee or tea can be packed inside while on top, fresh food, beverages or pastries are ready to be served during a business meeting, an afternoon tea, a picnic in the park or even in the office. The space inside the container is equipped with a moveable separator that helps to keep the objects in order to avoid delicate piece from being knocked around.

Adagio is jug with a double-wall insulating body and lid in stainless steel. Adagio is designed by Kristiina Lassus as a continuation of her “401” tea and coffee set (2008). It meets all of the functional requirements of the hotel industry, but thanks to its soft and plumb shape it’s also proposed for private use.