Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Inspiration

Easter is coming soon and many, like myself, will be having Easter lunch at home. Maybe you’ll be thinking – even stressing a little – about how to create a beautiful table for your guests…without spending a fortune. I´m inspired this year using branches as a decoration, they are part of Finnish Easter tradition and does not cost a fortune. Below some gorgeous Easter table displays with branches and some small ideas for Easter decorations!

If you are curios to know why and how decorated branches are part of the Finnish Easter tradition, here you go:

"On Palm Sunday children around Finland dress up as little witches and equip themselves with willow branches decorated with colourful feathers and crepe paper. The little witches tour the neighbourhood, knock on doors and recite an old poem that promises health and youthfulness for the coming year and asks for a reward. Whoever opens the door gets one of the decorated willow branches as a gift and the reward is usually a chocolate egg or other seasonal sweets.

This tradition, called virpominen or virvonta, is believed to be partly influenced by the Christian tradition of waving or laying out palm leaves to remember the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, welcomed by a crowd laying palm leaves on His way. Finland does not have palm trees and the closest one gets to green leaves in early springtime are willow branches, which often by Easter have developed small buds. But virpominen is also a pagan tradition and used to be popular in the Orthodox areas and in the Karelia region in East Finland (East Karelia is now part of Russia)." From http://satu-susanna-rommi.suite101.com/easter-traditions-in-finland-how-finns-celebrate-easter-a339726 .

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