Friday, October 28, 2011

Pino, Helsinki

I often come across some amazing shops and this time I would like to introduce you to Pino in Helsinki,Finland. Pino is a market place for unique, functional and innovative design objects situated in Helsinki. The design and branding concept, created by local-based creative agency Bond, is taken from the name – ‘Pino’ literally meaning a pile or stack.
All the fixtures in the store are constructed out of pinewood planks finished with a glossy grey paint – working as a background for the store’s fresh and colourful products. Because of the various product sizes the timber shelving system was designed to have lots of different dimensions, attempting to simulate the piles and stacks with different heights, creating an interesting silhouette. The flooring is the actual original tiles from the early 1900’s building, discovered hidden under some 1960’s linoleum surfacing.
Here are 3 good reasons to go there if you happen to be in Helsinki:

1. If you like design
2. Need gift for someone or for yourself :)
3. To empty your wallet

Happy weekend!
Most of the images are from WeHeart.

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