Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Danish Design Lamps from Lightyears

We are happy to inform that now you can find also the famous Danish Design lamps from Lightyears from our shop.

Danish company Lightyears develop and market unique lamps for design conscious consumers. Lightyears had only been established 17 months when it was awarded the prestigious Designmatters Award 2007 for its range of lamps created in collaboration with some of the best Danish designers.
The founding philosophy of the company is that there should always be a clear association between a lamp's form and function. First and foremost, the lamp should ensure functional lighting, but at the same time offer an aesthetic experience.

Lightyears work to develop lamps that set new standards in design and quality. They have set their standards high and collaborate with some of the most accomplished and visionary architects and designers. Each lamp is created from a scratch in close co-operation with the designer.
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