Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iittala Kastehelmi

Iittala's Kastehelmi "Dew Drop" glass bowl is classic and fresh. The surface of Kastehelmi glass has been made of different sized pearl rings which rhythmically grow away from the central point. Kastehelmi’s surface pearls sparkle in all spectrum colours like a water drop in summer mornings. This collection can be combined with every object Iittala produces and sits comfortably in any scenario. Iittala reintroduced Kastehelmi to celebrate Oiva Toikka's 50 year career as a designer. Kastehelmi (Dew Drop) pattern was originally in production from 1964-1988.

Three sizes of plates and a set of dessert bowls are available in clear and apple green colour and you can buy them from Artic Design, click here to see more.

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