Friday, January 29, 2010

Finnish Design lamps from Eero Aarnio

Eero Aarnio is one of the most celebrated furniture designers of the twentieth century. Credited with an array of distinct and visually striking designs, Aarnio has helped establish Finland in the international design market.

During his career that has lasted five decades, Aarnio has created a variety of notable pieces including the BALL CHAIR, PASTILLI, the BUBBLE CHAIR, PONY, and PARABEL TABLE. The DOUBLE BUBBLE and SWAN lamps are Aarnio’s most recent designs. Eero Aarnio´s Dubble Bubble can be found under the lamps category, but really it is a rather light sculpture or a decoration element. Double bubble pleases with it´s funny shape. It was Initially created from blown glass but the lamp was ultimately cast in plastic to ensure durability and uniform color of light. The Double Bubble lamp is now available to order from Artic Desig, click here for more information.

Swan is a table lamp that's both functional enough for the office and decorative enough for the living room. Swan is clearly related to the Double Bubble lamp. It has the same kind of plastic body that scatters light beautifully. It is also lighted with an energy saving compact fluorescent bulb. Swans are available in three colours – white, black and yellow. You can order also the Swan lamp from Artic Design, for more information click here.

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