Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Silver Jewellery from Kalevala Jewelry

Juulia is the new jewellery collectiong from finnish Kalevala Jewelry. The collection includes bracelet, necklace and earrings in silver, gold or bronze.
Juulia's delicate ornamental themes have been inspired by the victory wreaths of the classical era. Heroes were crowned with a wreath, which also became a symbol of eternal life. In the Roman Empire style, glamorising the style characteristics of the classical era, the pure, classical approach was also reflected in architecture. The Juulia series of jewelry celebrates the timeless beauty of the style, using the victory wreath as the theme for the series. The series got its name from the daughter of Julius Caesar, perhaps the most well-known figure to ever wear a laurel wreath. Juulia’s wreath is embellished with genuine stones – red garnet, blue topaz or violet amethyst. Design by Tony Granholm.

You will find Juulia collection available online at Artic Design.

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